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Welcome to Mastering MuseScore: The Complete Online Course!

My name is Marc Sabatella, and I am the Director of Education for MuseScore. I am also the author of the comprehensive text Mastering MuseScore and one of the developers of the software.

MuseScore is my passion, and I love helping people get the most out of this amazing free notation program. So I have now taken all that knowledge and experience and built it into this video-based online course.

The course follows the same basic organization as my book, and if you don't already have a copy, I do encourage you to consider purchasing one for further reference. The book and course are designed to complement each other. But everything you really need to know about MuseScore can be found right here, and video is an extremely powerful medium for learning music software since you can see and hear everything demonstrated in action.

If you already have some experience with MuseScore, then feel free to skip around this course and just check out the lessons that interest you. If you are new to the program, you can of course do the same, but I do recommend starting with the first two sections, Your First Score and Finding Your Way Around, to get a quick introduction to MuseScore so you can start being productive immediately.

The remaining sections provide a more detailed exploration of each topic, with a number of short (mostly 5-10 minute) lessons on specific program features and how to use them to accomplish various common tasks. At the end of each section is an area where you can engage in discussion with other students and with me. I encourage you to ask questions and also to reinforce your own learning by answering others' questions where you can. Also, the sections in this course generally correspond to the chapters in the book, making it easy to know where you can turn for additional information if you like.

Regardless of your prior experience level, I am confident that you will get a lot out of Mastering MuseScore: Complete Online Course, so let's get started!

NEWS! - MuseScore 3 is now available for download from! For an overview of what's new, please check out the article I wrote for Scoring Notes and the video tour of new features I have created.

Over the coming weeks I will be posting additional lessons on the new features and updating the existing lessons to reflect the changes in MuseScore 3. If you are enrolled in this course, you will receive these updates automatically, and I will notify you as updates becomes available.