Most people learn best when they can engage with others to give and receive feedback, so I encourage you to do exactly that! Read on to learn about the course features that can facilitate this.


Each lesson has a comment section where you can share your thoughts about the concepts discussed, ask questions, and share the music you are creating (links to scores on, YouTube videos, etc).

I invite you to get started right now by introducing yourself in the comments below! Who are you, what is your musical background, what are your goals?


In addition, I have create two groups for further discussion and sharing:

Harmony and Chord Progressions group on

Harmony and Chord Progressions group on Facebook

The group on is great for those of you using MuseScore, as you can easily add scores to the group, comment directly there, and create discussions. Even if you aren't using MuseScore you may find it instructive to check out other students' work. Meanwhile, the Facebook group could be a post any videos you may wish to make.

Both groups are public, and you don't have to be enrolled to join, so feel free to share the links. My hope is this leads to more discussion, more engagement, and more learning!