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  A Jazz Improvisation Primer

A Jazz Improvisation Primer was one of the very first jazz education resources ever to appear on the World Wide Web, debuting back in the 1990's. It has followed me through several different web site designs, crashes, and redesigns. The official version of my Primer now lives on my web site Outside Shore Music. Here is the direct link:

I intend to always keep this freely available, and now I also plan to bring you additional material as well.

For now at least, I am also keeping this version available on Teachable. But I would like to know if you prefer this format over the original. Feel free to let me know your thoughts(email me at [email protected]).

This is the online version of my text, A Jazz Improvisation Primer. Here you can find information on almost every topic relating to jazz improvisation, from jazz history to music theory to practical advice on playing in a group.

A German translation, by Edgar Lins, is online, at There is also a Hungarian translation at, provided by Makrai Balázs. A Portuguese translation by Cláudio Brandt can be found at And now there is a French version at Portions of this text are available in Italian, courtesy of Roberto Betti, at

A Jazz Improvisation Primer is brought to you by Outside Shore Music. While this text is freely browsable, there is no downloadable version of this material. If you would like a printed copy, you can purchase the published version, A Whole Approach To Jazz Improvisation. If you would like to support the online version, consider making a donation.

By the way, this work has been online since 1992, so if parts of it seem a bit dated, that's why. Some day I may update it, but as it stands, it's really a piece of Internet history - almost without doubt, the first jazz education resource ever published on the web.

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