Chord/Scale Chart

The accompanying chart lists the most commonly occurring chords in jazz harmony along with the scales normally associated with each. The chords are grouped into the four basic categories of major, minor, dominant, and half diminished. In a pinch, any scale from any chord in any one of these categories can be used for any other chord in that category. There is an additional category for miscellaneous chords at the end. There are many more possible scales and chords. However, these are the most important ones in traditional jazz harmony.

        Chord                                 Scale
                       C major, C lydian, C major bebop
 Cmaj7, Cmaj9, C6, C   C major pentatonic, G major pentatonic
 Cmaj7#11              C lydian, B in sen
                       C dorian, C minor bebop, C minor pentatonic
 Cm7, Cm9, Cm11, Cm    F major pentatonic, Bb major pentatonic
                       Eb major bebop, C blues, C minor
                       C dorian, C melodic minor, C minor pentatonic,
 Cm6, Cm               F major pentatonic, Bb major pentatonic,
                       C minor bebop, Eb major bebop, D in sen
 Cm-maj7               C melodic minor, C harmonic minor, Eb major bebop
 Cm7b6                 C minor, Ab major pentatonic
 Cm7b9                 C phrygian, C phrygian #6
                       C mixolydian, C lydian dominant, C dominant bebop,
 C7, C9, C13, C        C blues, C major pentatonic
 C7sus, Csus, C11      C mixolydian
 Bb/C, Gm7/C           C suspended pentatonic, F major pentatonic
 C7#11, C7             C lydian dominant
 C7alt, C7#9#5, C7#9   C altered, F harmonic minor, F melodic minor
 C7b9b5, C7b9          C HW diminished, F harmonic minor, F melodic minor
 C7aug, C7+, C7#5      C whole tone
 Cm7b5                 C locrian #2, C locrian
 Cdim7                 C WH diminished
                       C phrygian, C phrygian #6, C Spanish phrygian
 Cphryg                C in sen
 Cmaj7#5               C lydian augmented, C major bebop
 C7susb9               C phrygian #6, C phrygian

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