MuseScore has been the world's most popular music notation software for years. Now, with the incredible advancements in MuseScore 4, it may well be the world's best music notation software as well - professional-quality engraving, breathtakingly realistic playback, and a beautiful and intuitive user interface! This powerful program can help you bring to life the music you want to create - but only if you really know what it can do and how to use it effectively.

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to learn all the ins and outs of MuseScore 4 from long-time developer Marc Sabatella - the world's most recognized MuseScore expert!

MuseScore 4 Jump Start

Enroll now and get free access toMuseScore 4 Jump Start - a hands-on, in-depth, online workshop held live (and also recorded) on Saturday, September 23, 2023!

Listen to MuseScore 4 in action

Play the play button for some music to enjoy while you read on - my composition Dusk played using the revolutionary new Muse Sounds orchestra library. It's a total game-changer, and I'm excited to show you how you can transform your own scores into audio masterpieces!

Your ultimate guide to MuseScore 4

Mastering MuseScore 4 is your ultimate guide to getting the most out MuseScore. The course includes:

  • A series of "fast-track" video lessons that focus on the most important features you will need every day
  • In-depth tutorials to show you exactly how to create scores for piano, choir, instrumental ensembles, jazz, and more
  • Additional lessons covering every aspect of the program
  • Guided exercises to give you hands-on practice
  • An active community where you can ask questions and share your experiences
  • A weekly live stream featuring demos, critiques, and personalized help
  • Special "jump start" workshops providing intensive training intended to get you up and running quickly

What our students say

Since launching in 2018, Mastering MuseScore has helped thousands of users learn Musescore and music creation in general. Here is what they tell us:

"As I go through this wonderful course, I'm astonished to learn the incredible amount of things MuseScore is able to do! Wow. I am so grateful I found it. Marc, you are an extraordinary teacher and presenter! Your language is precise, clear, and descriptive. Thank you for this fantastic resource for musicians!!" - Christopher B.

"Not until I signed up for the Mastering Musescore course did I realize that I was getting an opportunity to refresh my 25yo BA in music. You're a phenomenal teacher, btw, anticipating my questions at almost every turn and teaching me connections possibilities I mightn't have drawn without your concise, logical framework." - toltecstrings

"Marc, this course and your effective teaching is changing my life. Though I earned a Master of Music (back in 1977), there is much I have forgotten because I didn't pursue music as a career, but just dabbled in choral arranging. The course has immensely increased my harmonic vocabulary and opened windows to much more interesting and beautiful combinations... Your clarity in teaching, excellent examples and assignments really connect with me... Thank you, thank you, thank you." - Dean H.

Now Open!

MuseScore 4 is available now - are you ready for all it has to offer? Enroll now for immediate access to the ultimate resource for creating your best music with MuseScore!

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