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Ready to take the next step in learning MuseScore? MuseScore Director of Education Marc Sabatella now offers his flagship guide Mastering MuseScore as a video-based online course, a paperback available in both English and French, and a Kindle edition!

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We are thrilled to present our newest and most exciting educational product, Mastering MuseScore: Complete Online Course! Whether you are a beginner wanting to quickly learn the basics or a more experienced user wanting to delve deeper into the power of MuseScore, this self-paced course is the answer. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to learn from the world's foremost MuseScore expert, Marc Sabatella, as he shows you how to use virtually every feature of the program. Featuring more than nine hours of video content, divided into over one hundred easily-understood lessons ranging from note entry to text formatting to page layout to customization, Mastering MuseScore: Complete Online Course is the most clear and thorough MuseScore instruction ever developed. Create your first score with the help of the introductory sections, hone your skills by picking and choosing more advanced topics that interest you most, or work through all the lessons in order - the course is as flexible as the software itself! There are also areas for discussion where you can engage with other students and with the instructor. The online course follows the same outline and covers the same material as our highly-acclaimed book, but at a lower price and with the added value of video and collaborative learning. Plus, we constantly update the course to cover new features and other changes. It's an unbeatable combination!


I use MuseScore daily and figured I'd give the course a try (the price was too low to pass up). It's great - I've picked up a bunch of time-saving tricks and learned about some features I never knew existed. I've just been poking around at particular topics of interest but little by little I'm sure I'll watch the whole thing. Thanks for this great resource! - Jeff

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MASTERING MUSESCORE is the definitive written guide to MuseScore 2. This book starts with the basics, walking you through the notation of a very simple song. Next it explores the process of note entry and editing in depth, covering everything from notes and rests to tuplets and grace notes to cross staff notation and feathered beaming. The book then explains how to create and edit each of the many different types of markings supported by MuseScore, including time signatures, repeats, tablature, chord symbols, slash notation, and much more. The book covers score and part organization and page layout, as well as the playback, graphics, import, and export features, and it explains the many customizations the program offers. Hundreds of examples and illustrations are included to make it easy to follow along. MASTERING MUSESCORE is all you need to become an expert in using MuseScore 2, the most powerful free music notation software in the world.


MASTERING MUSESCORE is everything I needed to find out about the inner workings of using MuseScore, which is so powerful that many features may be overlooked without a good book like this. Musescore is free music notation software, but I'm so glad I bought the book, so I can master it. Literally. - Timothy

Mastering MuseScore is a great manual, clear and complete! A wonderful work! - Alberto

Excellent book. Absolutely essential to using MuseScore's many features. - Richard

Amazon customer rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars!

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