Here at the Mastering MuseScore School, we are famous for our flagship product, Mastering MuseScore: Complete Online Course - the most comprehensive training available for the world's most popular notation program. But just knowing how to work the software is only part of the process of creating music. Now, we are expanding our offerings to include courses in music theory, composition, and other topics - suitable for all musicians whether you use MuseScore or not!

Our first two such courses are Basic Music Theory (for the fundamentals) and Harmony and Chord Progressions (a deep dive into the subject). These are also some of the only courses of their kind to be accessible to blind and visually impaired students!

We our currently planning and developing additional courses, and have no intention of stopping!

Your primary instructor will be Marc Sabatella, Director of the Mastering MuseScore School and one of the pioneers of online music education. Marc holds a Masters degree in music and has taught piano, theory, improvisation, counterpoint, and just about every other topic relating to music, at the college level and independently. Keep your eye out for special guest instructors as well!

While we will offer these courses for individual purchase, we think you'll really appreciate the convenience of this all-access membership, which gives you access to current and future music creation courses. You will enjoy hours of valuable material every month, for much less than the cost of a single private lesson with your local teacher.

Join us now for this exciting all-access membership!

Picture of Marc Sabatella

Marc Sabatella

My name is Marc Sabatella, and I am the Director of Education for MuseScore, the free and open source notation software that I also help develop. I have been teaching music online since the dawn of the World Wide Web, and I have been teaching in person for even longer. From the publication of my groundbreaking "Jazz Improvisation Primer" back in the 1990’s, to my years on the faculty at major music schools, and culminating in this Mastering MuseScore School, I have dedicated most of my life to helping as many musicians as I can.

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Music lessons can be expensive, but they don't have to be! I've set the price of my membership low enough that just about anyone can afford quality music instruction. The sooner you enroll, the sooner I can help you on your musical journey!