How It Works


The Music Master Class is a supportive community of musicians interested in learning and growing together. I will share my knowledge and experience with you through regular lessons and feedback. Everyone should feel free to ask questions, to share their own music, and give each other constructive comments.

The format of the class is subject to change as I learn how to best meet the needs of my students. The way I am currently organzing it is as follows:

Each month I will choose a main topic to focus on. I will post lessons on that topic, upload exercises for you to work on, encourage you to share any relevant music you create, and give you feedback on what you have shared.

The current plan is to do the first lesson of each month live via Zoom to introduce the topic. This will happen on the first Thursday of the month. I will send out email with links and further information a few days befiore the live lesson. During live lessons, you will have the opportunty to ask questions and get immediate feedback.

After the introductory lesson for the month, I plan to post additional lessons, more or less on a weekly basis. In these lessons I may provide additional information on the topic, propose exercises or projects, give commentary on music you have shared, etc.

I always encourage you to share your music here, whether it relates to the topic of the month or not. And do not hesitate to ask questions or offer your own insights - let's learn together!


Here are some basic ground rules:

  • after I post a lesson, please comment if you have anything to say!
  • if you have relevant music you want to share, please include it in a comment to the lesson
  • feel free to go back to previous months and share relevant music in those lessons as well
  • if you have music you want share that is not relevant to any particular lesson, use the section at the end of the course to share your music
  • try to keep your music shares to a reasonable length
  • when someone else shares music, please check it out and comment if you have anything to say!

You may be wondering how to share your music. Here are some possibilities:

  • if it is created in MuseScore, you can upload it to (a free account is sufficient) and then paste the link into a comment here
  • if it is a video, you can upload it to YouTube (or any similar site) and paste the link into a comment here
  • if it is audio, you can upload it to BandLab (or any similar site) and paste the link into a comment here
  • try to keep your music shares to 5-10 minutes maximum
  • when someone shares music, check it out, and comment if you have anything to say!

I will be checking out the music you share as well and will post my comments. From time to time I may feature your music in my lessons. I will assume that if you a share something here, you want feedback, but do let me know if you share something you'd rather not have featured in one of my own lessons.

I expect that topics and best practices will discover themselves as as go along, so I am not imposing much in the way of structure to begin with. As the class grows I may create more formal procedures, and I am to open your suggestions in that area. Feel free to comment below if you have ideas!