Ground Rules

I want the Music Master Class to be a supportive community of musicians interested in learning and growing together. Everyone should feel free to ask questions, to share their music, and give each other constructive comments. Here are some suggestions to get started:

  • after I post a lesson, please comment if you have anything to say!
  • if you have music you want to share in response to a lesson, include a link in your comment
  • you can share music not directly related to any lesson as well, in the area set up for that
  • compositions created in MuseScore can be shared on (or anywhere that we can easily download it from)
  • videos of your own performance can be shared via YouTube (or other similar streaming service)
  • try to keep your music shares to 5-10 minutes maximum
  • when someone shares music, check it out, and comment if you have anything to say!

I will be checking out the music you share as well and will post my comments. From time to time I will feature your pieces in my lessons. I will assume that if you a share something here, you want feedback, but do let me know if you share something you'd rather not have featured in one of my own vidoes.

I expect that topics and best practices will discover themselves as as go along, so I am not imposing much in the way of structure to begin with. As the class grows I may create more formal procedures, and I am to open your suggestions in that area. Feel free to comment below if you have ideas!