While the video lectures are the main feature of this course, there are also interactive handouts and worksheets, discussion areas, and quizzes. I want to make sure you get the most out of this course, so please watch the video below for a tour!

Important note: downloading the handouts and worksheets from requires you to have an account there, but you can create one for free - you don't need to pay for MuseScore Pro. In the next lesson on "Resources" I provide other ways of accessing the handouts and worksheets.

  • lessons are organized into sections.
  • you can go through the lessons in order or skip around.
  • each lesson features one or more videos.
  • below the videos is a handout for your reference.
  • you can use Space or the controls on the handout hear the notated examples.
  • you can click the link below the handout to open it on, where you can then download it.
  • below that are links to the worksheets and answers, which also open on and can be downloaded.
  • the worksheets give you practice with the concepts, and you can check your work against the answers provided.
  • below that is the discussion area.
  • at the end of each section is a short multiple choice quiz.

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