The handouts, worksheets, and answers that accompany the lessons in this course are designed to be used interactively - so you can load the scores into MuseScore and use the playback to hear what everything sounds like (or use the online playback feature for the handouts right here within the course).

You can access these materials directly from within each lesson. However, it can be nice to have them all in one place, so I am making that possible in a number of ways.

First, here are sets on containing all the handouts and worksheets (with answers):

Handouts set on

Worksheets set on

These allow you you to view the material online, without needing to install MuseScore on your computer. Or, you download the individual files to your computer where you can load them into MuseScore and use them there. Note that in order to download from, you will need to create an account there (it's completely free, you don't need Pro or even a trial of it). You can create the account by going to, clicking "Login", then "Create an account".

I have also created ZIP files containing the MuseScore versions of all the handouts, worksheets, and answers:


Sometimes, though, a printed or ebook version is nice to have too. So I have made the complete collection available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats: