Articles on MuseScore and Music Creation

MuseScore 3.3 Released

MuseScore 3.3 is now available! It brings some significant improvements, particularly in the area of usability: simple palette customization beginner-friendly note input workflow improved accessibility for blind users Roman numeral analysis and Nashville number system...


Interactive Worksheet

[ This is a demonstration of an interactive worksheet created using MuseScore ] Let's look at a harmonization of Mary Had A Little Lamb: Some the devices used include secondary dominants, an augmented sixth chord, and an inversion to create more interesting voice leading in the bass. Can...


Mastering MuseScore: Complete Online Course

Fall (2018) update - I am thrilled to report that Mastering MuseScore: Complete Online Course is officially open! Whether you are a beginner looking for a quick step-by-step introduction to the program, or a more experienced user looking to work more efficiently, pick up a few new tips, or...