Merry Christmas! I wanted to remind everyone there will be no MuseScore Café or Music Master Class this week or next (last two weeks of December 2020). We will resume with the usual schedule in January 2021.

Meanwhile, those of you who have been following the Music Master Class have seen my recent demonstrations involving Christmas songs. I have completed four arrangements that I'd like to share with you all:

The idea behind these arrangements has evolved over time, but the basic intent is to provide some interesting harmonies you can use when playing and/or singing these songs, without necessarily requiring a lot of rehearsal or preparation. I have chosen to arrange them in three parts: melody, harmony, bass. In most cases, the bass part is very simple - just one note per measure on the root of each chord. The bass part is also optional - I designed the harmony part to work well with the melody as an unaccompanied duet. But the bass part does help complete the arrangement and is worth including if possible. If someone can accompany on piano or guitar from the given chord symbols. that is great too. To keep things simple, I tried to resist the urge to create more involved arrangements with different harmonization for each verse, etc. So you only need to learn one harmony part per song.

However, that said, I broke my own rules on The Holly and Ivy, which is really quite a bit more difficult. It's still just three parts, but despite the melody being almost identical between verse and chorus long, I harmonized them rather differently. The harmony part on this one is much trickier to sing than the others, and the bass part is not much simpler. It's still easy enough to perform instrumentally, though. I'd be curious to hear if anyone works it up!

Here is The First Noel, which is much simpler but still interesting:

I hope you have a happy holiday season!