This week in the MuseScore Café, we will look at making selections in MuseScore. There are actually quite a few powerful tools for this, but some of them are well-hidden, and others are brand new, so most users don't know about them all. We'll also talk about things you can and can't do with different kinds of selections. And as always, I'll answer your questions!

For those outside the US, note the time change: we set our cocks back last weekend, so the start time is now 17:30 GMT (an hour later).

By the way, as you may have seen, I recently announced some big changes to my Music Master Class - basically, I'm taking what was a small closed experiment and reinventing it in the image of the MuseScore Café. The recently-completed "Fall Challenge" was part of the inspiration for this, and in a way, you can think of the Music Master Class as a "spin-off". In principle, this will allow the Café to focus more on MuseScore going forward, while the Music Master Class focuses more on music. In practice, I expect plenty of crossover. As always, I welcome your suggestions for future topics!

Tune in live on Wednesday at 12:30 PM Eastern (17:30 GMT), or check out the archived video later in the MuseScore Café playlist on my YouTube channel.

If your browser supports it, you can watch it live here, but you will need to watch on YouTube if you want to participate in the chat.