I am excited to announce that my Music Master Class - previously only available on a limited basis as a special benefit to All-Access Members of the Mastering MuseScore School - is now available to all, for free!

What is the Music Master Class, you may be wondering? That's a good question, and even if you were familiar with it in the past, it's taking on a new form as well. So read on!

The new Music Master Class is a weekly series of free master classes that I will be conducting via YouTube live streaming video. So in that sense, similar to my MuseScore Café series, but in the Music Master Class, the focus will be on the music itself as opposed to MuseScore.

The idea of a master class is that students submit work and the instructor gives feedback on it for the benefit of all. So even if the teacher is only speaking directly to a few students at a time, many moure (dozens, hundreds, or thousands!) can learn from the discussion. I will also invite and answer your questions via the live chat or comments. If you tuned in for any of the "Fall Challenge" episodes of the MuseScore Café where I played and talked about compositions submitted by viewers, that's the sort of thing I mean. I had so much fun, I didn't want it to end - and now it doesn't have to!

The music and topics we cover will be varied, but I expect we'll be hearing and talking a lot about composition and arranging, improvisation, music theory and harmony, etc. The whole idea is that I will be responding to you - your music, your questions! There may more specific challenges like the "Fall Challenge" from the Café, but mostly I plan to keep things more open-ended. I will also be encouraging students to comment on each others' work, both during the live sessions and also in the comment area within the Music Master Class course area on the Mastering MuseScore School.

The MuseScore Café will continue on Wednesdays at 12:30 Eastern (which, due to the time change, is now 17:30 GMT, not 16:30 as it has been the past few months). The Music Master Class will be the same time on Thursdays (12:30 Eastern, 17:30 GMT). As with the Café, if you are unable to attend live, you can watch previous editions as a playlist in the channel archives.

The class will be conducted via YouTube live streaming and is public, so anyone can attend. But to participate fully - and to submit your own music for consideration - you will want to enroll (again, it's free!) on my site.

We're getting underway this week - Thursday, November, 5 - so please join us. You can watch below, but to take part in the live chat, you will need to click the link to watch on YouTube.

I hope you can join us - I think this is going to be amazing!