I am thrilled to announce the availability of my latest online course, Basic Music Theory. This course covers the fundamentals of music - notation, pitch, rhythm, scales, intervals, and chords - in the same clear and thorough manner that thousands upon thousands of students have come to rely on from me over the years. Over ten hours of video, more than a hundred pages of handouts and worksheets, plus online quizzes and a discussion area - and it's one of the first courses of its kind that is accessible to blind and visually impaired musicians.

Best of all, in this time of crisis, when people around the world are finding themselves without income and are also turning more and more to online education, I have decided to offer this course for free, with a "Pay What You Want" option! No strings attached - you can enroll at the regular price if you like, or you can choose the free option. Either way, you get the exact same course experience. At any time afterwards, you'll be able to decide what the course is worth to you personally and if you wish support me in my effort to bring music education to all. Feel free to spread this message to anyone who might be interested!