On February 2, 2020, fellow developer Peter Jonas and I gave a presentation on our accessibility work at the FOSDEM conference in Brussels. I gave a brief preview of this in my last article here, and hinted at a new announcement we would be making. So now I'd like to followup.

First, the announcement: we have released a script to support the JAWS screenreader with MuseScore. This is tested to work with the current version of MuseScore (3.4.2) but should work with other recent versions as well. We have also developed a script for Orca on Linux that should work with the next version of MuseScore, so we will have more to say about this soon. We continue to work on VoiceOver and Narrator as well, but unfortunately we have had little success with those so far. For information on how to use the accessibility features in MuseScore, see the section on Accessibiity in the Handbook.

Second, the FOSDEM presentation went extremely well. We covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time, and hopefully inspired some other developers to look at accessibility in their applications as well. Some of the presentation was technical in nature, but much of it could be of more general interest. I have included the video below.

We've quite a few new blind users over the past couple of weeks and are receiving some great feedback. Meanwhile, we continue to work on accessibility, and I look forward to posting more updates!