Hello! I wanted to update you on some of what is going on for me and Mastering MuseScore.

First, I continue to work on my new course on Basic Music Theory and other resources such as the Music Master Class I am launching. However, something came up this month that ended up diverting most of my attention.

I will be doing a presentation (along with fellow MuseScore developer Peter Jonas) in Brussels this weekend at the annual FOSDEM conference for open source software developers. Our talk is talking about our work making MuseScore accessibilty to blind and visually-impaired users, which has been a big and very rewarding project. We will have some news to share (hint for any blind users reading this: think movies about sharks...) at the conference as part of this. Here is a link where you can follow the presentation: https://fosdem.org/2020/schedule/event/accessibility_in_musescore/

When I return from Brussels, I will return to completing the theory course, keeping up with the master class, and also updating Mastering MuseScore: Complete Online Course for the just-released MuseScore 3.4. BTW, the main change there is that many things that formerly required double-click now can eb done with a single click.

I also expect to start posting more regular updates, as I am making this Mastering MuseScore School my main focus going forward. I have already started the process of moving some of the resources I have provided elsewhere (like my seminal Jazz Improvisation Primer) here. Sometimes it can take a lifetime to discover what your life's work actually is, but I think I have finally figured it out, and am excited to be taking the next steps on this journey!

So, off to Brussels for me, I will update you again when I return.