Who We Are

My name is Marc Sabatella, founder and director of Mastering MuseScore. I am one of the developers of MuseScore (the world's most popular music notation software), and I have been a pioneer in online music education for over 25 years.

At Mastering MuseScore, we have created a thriving community of musicians interested in collaborating and learning together. We provide free resources such as our popular live streams and weekly newsletter. We also offer university-quality courses on using MuseScore as well as in music theory, composition, improvisation, and other creative music skills. We are leaders in accessibility, and our resources can be utilized by musicians who are blind or visually impaired.

Like MuseScore itself, Mastering MuseScore has become famous for both the quality and value it represents.


What We Do

As the name suggests, Mastering MuseScore is most known for its flagship Mastering MuseScore 4 - the most comprehensive MuseScore training in the world. But there is so much more to explore here!


The Mastering MuseScore Community provides a space for you and others to exchange ideas, share your music, give each other feedback, and grow as musicians together. There are also spaces for educators and for blind musicians. The community is free to join!


The Mastering MuseScore School offers some of the best online courses available anywhere, covering MuseScore, basic music theory, harmony and chord progressions, counterpoint, and more.

Live Streams

Every Wednesday in the MuseScore Café, we explore some aspect of MuseScore. I do in-depth demonstrations and answer your questions submitted via the chat.

Every Thursday in the Music Master Class, I look at music submitted by students like you and give my analysis and feedback for the benefit of all. We learn from each other together in this amazing musical experience!


Every week I send out a free newsletter containing information on our upcoming live streams and other events as well as tips on using MuseScore and insights into music theory. And when there is a new course or discount offer, you'll be the first to know!

While you decide which option is best for you, subscribe to our free newsletter and I'll send you some more resources right away that I think you will love!

What Others Say

  • "As I go through this wonderful course, I'm astonished to learn the incredible amount of things MuseScore is able to do! Wow. I am so grateful I found it. Marc, you are an extraordinary teacher and presenter! Your language is precise, clear, and descriptive. Thank you for this fantastic resource for musicians!!" - Christopher B.
  • "Wow. This has been, truly, not just a learning experience, but a real odyssey. Marc, your course has not only met what were some pretty lofty "hopes" I had for what it *might* be since that first sneak peek that captured my interest (your demo of doing a SATB arrangement on Twinkle, Twinkle) - it has vastly exceeded them. Per hour of time expended in this course, I can say that it has definitely provided more lightbulb moments than any other form of musical education I've ever signed up for, and that includes band classes, classical piano lessons, university undergrad course on music history, reading/watching various books and videos, etc." - Frank P.

Join our Community and School!

We'd love to meet you in our community and help guide you further in our online courses. Check out the options below to see which is right for you - free community membership only to start, an individual course or two to jump start your learning, or my own recommendation for the best experience and value - the Gold Level Membership!

Join the Community


Joining the community is free, and it's practically a no-brainer for anyone interested in music creation.

When you join the community:

  • You gain full access to all public spaces. Come introduce yourself and then start commenting, asking questions, and sharing your own music for feedback!
  • You can start participating in the free MuseScore Café and Music Master Class live streams
  • You are automatically subscribed to the free weekly newsletter.

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Enroll in Courses

Includes access to community

When you're ready to get serious about learning - whether it's MuseScore or music theory - our online courses are truly world-class.

When you enroll in our online courses:

  • You get lifetime access to all course materials
  • You gain full access to all public spaces of the community, as well as any private spaces specific to your courses.
  • You have the opportunity to have your work featured in the MuseScore Café and Music Master Class
  • You are automatically subscribed to the free weekly newsletter.

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Gold Level Membership

Includes unlimited access to community, all courses, and more!

If you want the ultimate experience, we have created this amazing membership offer, offering a university-level experience every month for less than the cost of a single private lesson.

As a Gold Level Member:

  • You get full access to all public and private spaces of the community, including a set of exclusive spaces for Gold Lev el Members only, where you can engage more with me and with other members.
  • You can take advantage of my office hours to meet with me "face to face".
  • You are automatically enrolled in all of our music creation courses, including ongoing cohort-based courses like the Music ENgraving Workshop and Musicianship Skills Workshop
  • You get early access to courses and other resources still in development.
  • And of course, the newsletter!

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